Why Choose Pooja Sales?

Pooja Sales is the leading business that offers the best quality, Aluminium window locks, door locks, sliding window rollers, metro locks, uPVC window locks, rollers, Locking Espag, Aluminium Sliding folding systems, Customize product development and other products. We must simply use the best products. Our products are long-lasting and resistant to weather changes. We are the top customized hardware manufacturer in India. There is no need to get worried about cracks and blistering when using our products.


Receive an end-to-end solution

We offer end-to-end service to the customers. We take care of every process, starting from design to development and consultations.


On-time project delivery

We promise to complete the project on time. We offer the best customer service and complete product delivery. We design products according to your needs and supply before timeline.


Proven & tested service

No other companies can match the expertise of our company. We have a great record of delivering complete services on time with an affordable budget.


Use of advanced technology

Our Company uses advanced technologies and methodologies to deliver aesthetic solutions with increasing energy efficiency and the value of products.


" Architectural Hardware Products development & manufacturing Experience worldwide "

how we work

In-depth analysis
of operation


Proper time and
budget calculation.


Managed by


Results as per
clients’ specifications.


Completion of projects
in prescribed timeline.


2000+ Product
Range Options.


Export in Many


PAC (Product as Customize)
design and develop.


About Pooja Sales & Hivik Hardware

Pooja Sales is a premier organization with years of experience delivering doors and window hardware & accessories. We have a variety of styles & designs of door and window Hardware that are the custom-made. The company has increased its reach and variety by improving the quality of service features. It follows unique rules to achieve its goals, like flexibility, quick responds, high-quality packing standard, and the best manufacturing facility. We set a standard in the industry by applying solid strategies. We have been serving the nation over the decades.

A major part of the quality hardware manufacturers sold in India comes from architectural hardware firms in India. Our company has the best expert who is certified in this field. We want to reach the top position by delivering quality premium products of windows and door Hardware at an affordable price. The team we have is highly professional with specialized skills, knowledge, crafting & designing. Want to see our aesthetically designed accessories? Come to us & consult a call with our expertise. Education is important; some people have extraordinary hardware requirements when purchasing from a firm that sells doors and window Hardware & accessories.

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Services of Pooja Sales - Window Hardware Accessories Manufacturers in Rajkot

The company offers services worldwide. Our brand is just a few steps away from reaching a significant milestone, and if you want to be a part of it, contact us immediately.


Technical assistance

The Company offered technical help for HIVIK Hardware products. We provide complete technical information on the products and assembly. We also manage and report any issues are there in the products.


Customize product

Our store offers completely customizable products. We offer all current and new door and window hardware & accessories. With us, you can make your window more elegant. We have brilliant R&D professionals to produce products faster and at lower costs.



We provide the best door and window hardware accessories designing support to meet all your needs. Pooja Sales has the best team of qualified designers.


Shipping, handling & logistics

We also deliver the shipping, cargo, and handling & logistic services. Our hardware suppliers deliver the materials faster than any other company!

Features of Hivik Hardware Products

If you want to grab any of our door and window hardware & accessories, we welcome you! Book a consultation with our experts and share your requirements. HIVIK hardware offers you new and creative patterns as it has a wide reach for entryway hardware and embellishments..



Our accessories are less expensive compared to other companies, and they bring a large audience to our business.


Innovative design

Our Company is looking forward to delivering innovative design. We are in charge of releasing several innovative hardware in the business.



Our expert manufacturers and the designing team will customize the door and window hardware & accessories as per your need.


High Quality

All the hardware available in our store has gone through stringent quality control checks to ensure we have the best.



The Company offers warranties on every product to build trust.


Wide Range of availability

On this platform, you can grab the largest Range of hardware & accessories in a reasonable amount.

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