Aluminium Window & Door Hardware

Aluminium Window & Door Hardware

Poojasales Hardware is the producer of reliable and excellent hardware that deals with aluminium window accessories and Door Fitting Hardware, which is trusted throughout India. We have modern generation offices and prominent HR. Attributable to this, we utilise our assets as well as resources in a proper way. We have been favoured as a premier selection of customers and have built up a broad clientele base. The range which we provide is broadly refreshing for its impeccable quality and dependability.

Aluminium a light yet solid material is a perfect substance for windows. Unlike wood, it doesn't twist, extend or contract within sight of dampness. It is not so difficult to cut and consolidate it. It is very well anodised or covered with powder in our manufacturing plant with the goal that it will never need painting in its lifetime. It is likewise, corrosion-free. Therefore, as an aluminium window hardware manufacturer, we make sure that the windows which we manufacture are light in weight and is easy to operate.

Our windows, as well as doors, are well known for their attractive finishing. We at Poojasales Hardware design our products in such a manner that it requires least or zero-maintenance. Thus, our clients will love our products because all our products are customer-centric.

Our Production Procedure:

At Poojasales Hardware, we follow a routine of steps in the production of windows and doors made of aluminium. Although we have a variety of designs readily prepared for our customers to purchase, we avail customised products as well. The steps involved in product customisation are:

  • We ask for the details for the product required by our customer
  • Our team will then make the necessary calculations to estimate the price
  • Once the customer has confirmed with the price, we begin with the sample production
  • The samples are then sent to our customers for confirmation
  • Once the customer has confirmed us with the sample, we initiate the mass production
  • And when the products are delivered our executives are readily available to provide the customers with after-sale services as well

Technical Specifications

We are the aluminium window hardware developer, who gives you plenty of structures and styles to browse. Additionally, we have doors designed in such a way that you can effectively replace the walls so that it will increase space and you can live freely.

So here are the technical specifications that we provide to our customers

  • For the RAL9016,9006 and AKZO-2000 series, we coat them using Black as well as White Powder.
  • The items are exceptionally durable
  • The products come with an assurance for a long time (5 years) Working Cycles
  • In the case of Casement Windows, we provide you with a single point for locking purposes
  • All our products are strictly tested for more than 100000 cycles.

Why Choose Us?

You will get many aluminium window hardware manufacturer in India. Notwithstanding, we should furnish you with something remarkably special for you to pick us as your providers. Here we have categorised a portion of the reasons that will make you reconsider choosing some other aluminium item producers over us.

  • We give a guarantee as well as warranty to our items longer than many other producers in this speciality
  • We have hired more than 70 people to provide you with A-grade client care as they work 24 x 7 for you and endeavour to take care of the Design, Safety, and Quality of the items that are conveyed to you
  • We plan to give you a client-driven service, which will fulfil all your needs.

To book a meeting with Poojasales Hardware or for any further enquiry on the items delivered, you can get in touch with us at [email protected], or you can also call us at +91 98257 01459 or +91 90330 00511.