Aluminium Sliding Folding System

Aluminium Sliding Folding System

Poojasales Hardware as a sliding folding door system supplier is persistently planning and growing new windows as well as doors framework Accessories and Hardware for different frameworks over the world and has gained numerous honours for item development, quality, and administrations. So, our process starts with the heating of the aluminium parts so that we can put it into the process of extrusion.

This makes the window frames strong and of high quality. Then further it is insulated and coated with two different colour, one inside and another outside as desired. Then it goes through several cleaning processes and finally, our expert fabricators fabricate it, and our product is ready to be finished as per the customer needs. Our way of thinking is 'client satisfaction from prolific design', 'most elevated precision of the manufacturing.'

Different types of products available at Poojasales Hardware

We work from our 35000sq. Ft. premises. We have an active group of workers and further developing quickly. Our specialised executive HIMANSHU DUDHAT has extended periods of involvement in Fabrication and Installation of windows that help him to plan imaginative framework window equipment; this has empowered us to dispatch various new process for Windows and Door development as presented below,

  • Window System and Sliding Door
  • Lift and Slide System
  • The Vision Fold (Bi-fold door System)
  • Sleek Series
  • Slimline System
  • Casement Door and Window System

We can make the world excellent by providing the sparkle of our items inside moderate cost and will get our clients' energy through consistent improvement driven by the honesty, collaboration, and development of Poojasales Hardware.

We make sure that our product is a versatile one. It is very flexible and is caused by a system of multi-doors combined to make a single in or out system. These are suitable for commercial as well as residential purposes. It serves a unique way of living and is highly durable. As aluminium sliding folding door manufacturers, we make our products very much user-friendly, so that client loves our work and we can match up to their needs.

Different types of products available at Poojasales Hardware

We offer you a variety of designs and structures to choose from, and we design our products in such a way that it is durable enough to satisfy the client's needs. Our technical specifications for the folding system are:

  • White and Black Powder coating option for AKZO-2000 series and RAL9016-9005 series
  • Many height adjustable packers for Handle and Receiver
  • Has high strength and lasts long
  • Single Point Locking System is used in casement window
  • We provide you with a guarantee of 5 long years
  • We have close tested the system for 100000 cycles
  • We have Diecast LM-2 Grade Aluminium Pressure

Why choose us?

You can get various aluminium sliding window accessories as well as door equipment makers in India, but we serve you the best of the quality as well as the durability, which you will surely appreciate. We provide our customers as per their specifications so that all their needs are fulfilled, and they revisit us when they require such products. We have our reasons for you to choose us over other manufacturers which are the following:

  • We have our employees hired to ensure the Quality, Safety, and Design of the products that are delivered to you, are best in class
  • A warranty that is longer than provided by any other company
  • Our Service is mainly customer-centric so that the customer is always satisfied

You can now book a meeting with Poojasales Hardware or for other inquiries or product-related issues, you can email us at [email protected], or you can also ping us at +91 98257 01459 or +91 90330 00511.

Technical drawings:

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